Disobedient Scout

Scout is in SO much trouble.  I specifically told him not to grow up on me. 

AND I specifically told him that he had to stay tiny so that he could cuddle with me forever.

But he grew up on me anyway, just like his older brother.  In fact, I bet Nathan is the one who taught him.

Scout has grown up so much so, that he is ONE YEAR old today! How did this happen?  Where has the time gone? 

He went from this big tiny baby…

And grew into this behemoth!

Well. I guess there was no way around it, but I’m happy with the little boy he is turning into. ;D  He makes this mama proud. I’ve been incredibly privileged that I’ve been there for every milestone during his first year and I can’t wait for next year. 
We love you little rascal, always and forever.   

11 Years Ago

11 years ago, I became a mother for the first time.  I was young and there were many judgments surrounding my pregnancy, however, they were all taken away when my first knuckle head came into the world on May 25, 2001 @ 1:08pm.  
He weighed 8 lbs 1oz.
His name is Nathan Tyler.

Over the last 11 years, this kid has been my little buddy.  He went from teeny tiny feet, to feet that are the same size as mine! 

And I have a big foot for a being a short lady.  Size 8-9! 

Needless to say, I couldn’t have asked for a better kid.  He has turned into the sort of person who doesn’t take life to serious and is always trying to make someone laugh.

In fact, he made me laugh yesterday.

He made me laugh today.

And I know he will make me laugh tomorrow. 

These pics are from over the years.  (Waaaaay back when he was born I didn’t have a digital camera so all of his early pictures are printed. So you only get to see the older ones. )
No, this bathroom decor is NOT my doing.  I would never have rainbow colored wall paper with dolphins at the bottom.  Barf.

Classic Nathan Pose

His arms were tired, lol.  I can’t imagine why.

5 Recipes That I Must Make

My oven is out of service this week.  Eek! (Insert the Dun, dun, dun music)



Cause it’s broken.  AND because it is broken, it made me have to look for recipes that could be cooked on the stove top only.  While I was browsing for the goodies, I came across these inspiring dishes.  

I have forgotten about the Tamale Pie dish from childhood, but I would like to make this twist on it.

I’m making these tonight for the first time! 
I want to know how the heck this is made. 

This would be really handy in my small kitchen.

I’m totally in love with this bread right now, and I’m totally going to make it.

This is the best thing I’ve seen all day…nom, nom.

Now get in that kitchen and cook!

Awkward Family Photo

Maybe most of you know about a book titled, Awkward Family Photos, and maybe some of you don’t.  It’s a really funny book of family pictures gone terribly wrong, and it has given Bubba and I a good laugh many times. You should definitely check it out one day.



Any HOO, I am talking about this book because Bubba and I have our own picture that went terribly wrong.  

This picture was meant to be a cute picture of the kids with Bubba while we were hanging out in our room shortly after Scout was born, but as you will be able to see, the picture just looks…well, awkward. ;D

AND…if that isn’t funny enough for you, try out my father in law holding his grandson, Scout.  He looks like a deer caught in headlights.  

 Hahahaha!! Sorry Earl!


Dear Karma, once again you win.  

The very day after I had boasted about my wonderful vegetable garden, I awakened the next morning, to mole trails!!

Karma: 1  Liz: 0

Moles. I hate them. 

These pesky rodents took out 2 of my lettuce plants and a pepper plant. Talk about lighting a fire underneath my butt.

I just stood there, overlooking my garden, mouth agape.  I didn’t know what to do.  

So what do you do when you need to know something?  You google it. 

BUT of course, you need magic fairy dust to get rid of these bastards because basically you have to hunt them or put a shovel at the end of their trail.  You know, like in the cartoons? Supposedly they will run into them and kill themselves.  

Really?  That’s all I can do?


Any way, I was totally bummed and thought my plants were goners. I mean…I
don’t remember the moles being around last summer and all of a sudden
our yard is being ambushed by these buggers.  We have tunnels going

So, I said a little prayer, and waited.  Looks like God was listening because the moles have left my garden alone since then.  Talk about divine intervention!  

This whole fiasco reminds me of this verse:

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.

Proverbs 27:1

Annnd…the picture I posted a while ago, that I thought was a baby possum, turned out to be a MOLE!! Kitty had killed it. 

Good Kitty. ;D


I am having one of the worst cases of writer’s block that one can imagine.  It sucks.  And it doesn’t seem to be going away.  So I am trying out the tried and true method of just sitting my achy butt down and putting fingers to keyboard. (Read: Or if you’re old school, pen to paper) 

type anything.

Annnd supposedly the words will begin to flow into a beautiful & genius piece of literary work…


I don’t think it is working. 

But here is a picture.  

A picture can speak a thousand words and since I can’t find any to say, maybe this picture will say it for me. 😉

Me: Whoa.


The Little Garden That Could

Last year I began a vegetable garden and it failed miserably, which is an understatement.  If it wasn’t the weeds that took over, then it was the pesky grasshoppers, and if it wasn’t the grasshoppers then it was the horrible drought Texas suffered through and if it wasn’t the drought, then it was the three months of 112 degree days.  

Then there was the gardener herself who didn’t have a clue to what she was doing.  (That’s me by the way).

So what is a girl to do after failing to an embarrassing degree?

Try, try again.

So here is an earlier picture of my NEW garden.

I cringe at the very sight of these weeds, but I wasn’t about to get my nine month pregnant butt down on my knees to pick them. 😉  Weeds aside, the plants themselves thrilled me because they were coming in so nicely.


So that has turned into this…


 As proud as I am with this picture, there is still some slight problems.  First off, we are hitting the yearly Texas drought again and the soil down south is far from the best at retaining water that you give it.  Then there is the fact that our bell peppers are stubbornly not sprouting up and we lost half a row of carrots, for whatever reason as well as a couple of our okra plants.  So Bubba and I re-planted the carrots and bell peppers and we also decided to plant some yellow squash. 

Here is how the garden is looking today…

 I had to stop here and water the plants.  The 94 degree heat is making them wither!


 Although you can’t tell in these pictures, the bell peppers have finally started to sprout. Those things are slow growers.  Either that or they hate me. 😉

There you have it.  My NEW garden.  So far I’m excited and bit proud.  *sniff, sniff*  I think I’ll give myself a pat on my shoulder. 

Now if you thought that was it, (chuckling aloud) then you don’t know me at all.  Once I become excited about gardening, I want to go all out and plant everything as if I a have a big green thumb.

I also decided to plant herbs in this box that the hubs built me out of some scrap wood.  I don’t have an updated picture of this, but the thyme, basil, and cilantro are coming in beautifully. I’m just waiting on all the other herbs to sprout in the Jiffy cups so that I can transfer them to the box.

Other plants around the house are doing good, too.  The peaches are coming out…

 The grapes are budding, too…

Alright, that’s it.  No more plants to show you.

For now. (hehehe)

Almost forgot. Here is a run down of everything I planted.



Green beans

Bell peppers

jalapeno peppers

yellow squash



red potatoes




sweet basil