Final Pregnancy Update

I’ve been scrambling to get this final post up for awhile and a late evening phone call has forced me to get this done tonight.
My midwife called to let me know that as of Monday, she will no longer be my care taker for my pregnancy and that she is transferring me to Dr. Noble who has agreed to induce me on Tuesday morning.  From our brief phone conversation, these are the details: Monday, I will have the appointment with the doctor at 9 am to discuss the cervidel that will be inserted for 12 hours later that night, to help my body ready itself for the large amounts of Pitocin they plan on giving me on Tuesday morning.  Hopefully…may God himself help me…this inducement will be fast.  I’m really dreading these 24-48 hour labors that I’m notoriously known for.  I will also be seeing the midwife one last time, Saturday at 4pm for some final readings to give the doctor in preparation for my Monday appointment.  I will answer some of the questions I’ve been getting from people at the bottom of this post.
**I saw the midwife today, Saturday, and my Blood Pressure was elevated pretty high while laying on my side.  It was 156, but I have been stressed & I warned her ahead of time.  She performed a stress test on the baby and passed it with flying colors!  She explained to me that Dr. Noble and her are on the same page about inducing me while I am 37 weeks, but she cannot say 100% that I will begin on Monday evening, but she whole heartily believes that I will be.  After the baby is born, my postpartum care will be back at the midwives office.And my urine only had a trace of protein (which is much better than it was).  My swelling has pretty much left the ankles, but has traveled upward to my face and hands.**
Here is a picture of me and my belleh at 36 weeks:
My midwife told me that I was measuring larger than what I am supposed to be.  At 34 weeks, I was already measuring the size of a 36 week pregnant lady.  My point?  My point is that I’m huge! Can’t you tell by that belleh?  (This pic was taken before my face decided to begin swelling up like a balloon.)
Here I am at 37 weeks preggo:

See how swollen those fingers are?  That’s what preeclampsia does to you.

How far along are you?  I’m 37 weeks. (9months and 1 week)
When is your due date?  My estimated due date is April 14 full term, however, it is looking like I will be induced on Tuesday, March 27, 2012.
Where are you having the baby?  I will be having the baby at The Women Center at Presbyterian Hospital of Denton.
Will you be able to have an epidural?  Now that I am having her at the hospital, I will be able to have an epidural.
Why are you being induced?  I’m being induced because I have been diagnosed with preeclampsia.
Is the baby okay?  So far the baby is doing great! 😉 We did a stress test today (Saturday) and she did spectacular.
Are you ready for this?  Absolutely not! I’m terrified and on the verge of an anxiety attack.  My labors are brutal on me and it takes me time to mentally get over it.  😉
What are you having, again?  I’m having a girl.
What are you going to name her?  Rori Lucille Luscomb.  We will probably call her Lucy, though. ;D
Are you ready to have your body back to yourself?  Omg, yes!!! I can’t wait to touch my toes again, lose weight, and be able to sleep on my stomach or back if I want.  Soooo ready to feel normal again. ;D
Are you breastfeeding?  No, I am not.  I formula feed all my children.
How much weight have you gained? 25 pounds
When is your next doctor appointment?  Monday March 26, at 9 am.
When will you know for sure when you will be induced?  Monday morning during my appointment.
Are you dilated yet?  Nope. I am no where near it.  ;(
Are you sleeping?  I still have insomnia right now.
Who will be watching your other kids?  Grandparents. 

Okay, if you have any other questions or comments, feel free to ask below!!

Mr. Sandman

Once again, insomnia strikes again.  I’m sitting here, typing, after a Tylenol pm and a two hour attempt to fall asleep.  

I keep trying to holler for the sandman to come but I think he must be out on vacation.

This stinks.

I have to wake up early and it makes me fatigued all. day. long.  UGH! So frustrating.

It’s a combination of pregnancy discomfort and not being able to breathe well, on top of the endless mental list that is running through my head.  

I guess when you can’t sleep, you think.  And thinking so much keeps me from sleeping.  Double edged sword.   

I should probably stop here before I sound to weird from only having 5 hours of sleep in two days.  

Panic Mode

I had a moment of panic yesterday after I was asked, “When are you due?” by an overly cheerful cashier at Wal-Mart.  
“Four weeks.” I reply.

The words four weeks kept repeating itself in my head.  Is it really just four more weeks before I’m holding another baby?  Holy smokes!! 

This is the moment that my brain went into panic mode.  Why, you ask?  Well, here is a start…

See this?
 And this?
 And this?

Yeah…I’ve totally slacked on my nesting phase this pregnancy.  This is what Rori’s wall looks like right now and let me tell ya, it’s not pretty.  My attempts at organizing it quickly became a dumping ground for when I became too exhausted during the middle of trying to organize.  Sheesh.  Catch that?

I’m not sure why, but time has whizzed by on me throughout this pregnancy.  With my first two kiddos, I had every piece of clothing, blankets, bottles etc, cleaned and in its spot.  I had the decorations finished months ahead of time and a closet stocked full of diapers and formula.  

So far with Rori, I have most of her clothes organized and that’s it.  Shoot, she doesn’t even have a dresser yet!!!

So what did I do?  I freaked out on my husband at 11:30 at night while he was trying to sleep;  that’s what happened.  I grabbed my note book from my nightstand and made a long list of things to finish up this week in preparation of this baby’s arrival and went over it in detail with my husband.  Of course, he kept his eyes closed the whole time and merely nodded and gave me a, mmm hmm every now and then. I take what I can get.

Surprisingly, when I awakened in the morning, Bubba had retained what I went over and got to work on things.  We WORKED all day long, and we are tired…but in a good way.  We accomplished A LOT, but we still have a ways to go.  😉

I promise to show you pictures of the end result. 

But for now, I’m hitting the sack.  I am one tired mama.

My JBF Loot

This year was the first I had ever heard of the JBF (Just Between Friends) kids consignment sale that only sets up twice a year here in Ft. Worth.  I knew I wanted to go from the second I heard about it.  Mainly for the clothes, shoes, and essentials that usually cost you an arm and a leg if bought brand new.  (They do a 50% off day on their last day of being open.  Be prepared to be in a LONG line if you go on this day.  We waited over one hour.)

Any hoo, here is the loot that I bought.

Here are the clothes, shoes etc, I bought for $128.50

  • 4 Sleepers
  • 3 Hats
  • 6 Bibs
  • 3 pairs of Shoes
  • 10 shorts/pants
  • 16 Onesies/Rompers
  • 3 Sweaters
  • 2 Swimsuits
  • 2 Tights
  • 9 Shirts
  • 3 Dresses
Keep in mind that most of these clothes are brand new!  I would estimate at least 90% have never been worn.  Woo woo! 
I also scored a crib set for $20 
Along with a couple of blankets
I also purchased a wood gate, picnic/beach waterproof blanket, Vtech toy.
My Total Cost $164

Cost to attend on first day was $10 and $10 for parking.

Two Week Meal Plan

 Two Week Menu                  Click here for my printable grocery list!
Hot dogs w/ corn
Baked chicken breasts with salad & rolls
Pasta w/meat sauce and salad & bread
Ham & cheese on rolls w/roasted veggies
Tacos w/ rice, or taquitos
Chicken fried steak w/mashed potatoes & gravy
Sloppy joes w/tater tots
Pork chops w/green beans & mashed potatoes & rolls
Chicken enchiladas w/ beans
Chicken alfredo pizza w/ bacon
Pancakes w/ eggs & potatoes
Meatloaf, corn & green beans
Pizza w/bread sticks
Chicken fried steak sandwiches w/ gravy
Mexican Burrito w/ chorizzo
Chicken salad
Soup & grilled cheese
Sandwiches & chips
Beans & cornbread
Veggie pasta toss
Chicken & Bacon Pizza w/ Alfredo Garlic Sauce

For those of you who do not know, I used to work at Domino’s Pizza, and there was a specialty pizza called the Chicken Bacon Ranch that my husband loved.  Despite the title of this pizza, it is NOT made with Ranch.  It is made with Domino’s  garlic sauce.  Anyway, this is a recipe on their pizza, made my way.

First, you will need to make yourself some chicken.  Flavor how you want to, but this is what I used on mine.

Next, you will need to fry your bacon.

Next, gather your rolled out pizza dough and add your favorite Alfredo Garlic Sauce in a spiral pattern by using a resealable plastic bag that has the tip cut off.  Do not worry about spreading out the sauce, it should spread out on its own while it cooks.

Next, add your toppings: Cheese (I used Mozzarella, Parmesan), Shredded Chicken, & Bacon and then cook at 350-375 degrees until cheese is melted and dough is slightly browned.
Viola! You’re done! Enjoy

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No Sew Swaddle Blanket

After becoming pregnant again, I knew the one thing that I really wanted was the muslin swaddle blankets.  Muslin swaddle blankets are airy enough for the Texas heat and big enough for a big or small baby, with plenty of room for growing.  However, they cost the big bucks.  Big bucks that this mama can’t seem to force herself to buy.  

There was a day that I almost gave in when I saw them on sale for $29.99 at Tar-Jay.  Luckily I came to my senses.  

So what is a girl to do whenever she has one item stuck in her head that she can’t-possibly-live-without-but can’t-fork-out-the-money-for?

Well it took me a few months, but I finally figured it out.  Jersey fabric!!  It’s an airy, stretchy, material and cheap enough for my wallet!  
Can’t sew, you say?  NO Problem-o!  Check this out.

I bought two different prints of Jersey fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby.  Each one yard.

Then I ironed the wrinkles out of them.
Then I cut them into proportional sizes using my yard stick.  
Viola!! Easy right!?!  If you are really anal you can sew around the edges with your sewing machine, but really there is no need for it because the edges roll up naturally, especially after being washed.  
Ahhhh…just look at that face. He hehehe! 

He soooo hated me for doing this to him.  But it goes to show that it can swaddle a big 9 month old baby!

*** Since this post was written, I have delivered my baby girl, Rori!  I thought that it would only be appropriate to show all of you what this no-sew-swaddle blanket looks like on an actual infant and not my 9 month old son! lol.***

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Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Okay…I’ll be honest.  Cleaning my makeup brushes doesn’t rank the top of my must-do-list.  I don’t think it even makes the top ten, but it does stay in the back of my mind, especially whenever I go to use my brushes when applying my makeup.  So before you slam shut your laptop on me in pure disgust, hear me out.  I’m making a resolution to clean them way more frequently, simply because…it’s kinda gross not to.  
Amiright or amiright?

Now if you other ladies want to clean yours but don’t know how, I’m about to tell ya.  But first, please remember that I’m not a professional makeup cleaner or makeup artist or professional of any kind.  Please realize that this is just the way that I clean them.  ;D  

Down to business.

First, you will want to gather your brushes.

Second, reach for some antibacterial soap of some kind.  Dawn is a good choice.  Since my friend, Jill, utterly just freaked out on me on facebook about this Dawn comment, I should tell you what she said to use in place of Dawn.  She said to use a baby shampoo.  I did some research on it and the choice of cleanser is really up to you.  ELF makes a shampoo especially for brushes, some prefer an antibacterial wipe (although Jill says that the antibacterial can make your bristles rough) or you can use any type of mild soap, or you can mix olive oil in with an antibacterial soap in order to help prevent the roughness.  ALL of these suggestions come from personal opinions.   Choose the one you prefer!!

Thirdly, gently massage the tips of your brushes into the soap and then rinse with clean water.

TIP:  Try not to let any water get down into the base of your brushes.  It can cause the glue to become loose and then you’ll lose your bristles…Especially if you have the cheapy brushes like I do, he he he. (Let them dry upside down)  Also, I read that you can mix a little olive oil in with your soap.   One more thing, try to clean them at least once per month.

Viola! It took me 5 minutes to do all the steps.  Easy peasy.