Week 5 iphone Pics

{Went to The Container Store to spend the gift card that I won in a giveaway. Love that store.}
{Mr. Scout watching the thunderstorm roll in.}
{Dirt storm that blew in from West Texas before the rain made it here.}

{Best. Burger. Ever. Enough said, Amen.}

{Scout is grumpy like his mama after he wakes up! (Right side photos) Scout was caught red handed making a mess in the pantry shelves!}

{Scout and Paw Paw}

Week 28! 3rd Pregnancy Update

It’s here! My 7th month, which means I’m officially in my third trimester.  Whoa, right?  This month is also the time when I have to do my glucose testing. Meh.  I’m not a fan of having to do this test! Oh well, it’s for the good in the end.  Everything is still going well, although I did skip January’s prenatal visit.  My excuse is that I’ve had to deal with two sick kids, and a sick self this month which meant a whole lotta doctor visits…and to be frank, I loathe going to the doctor.  So dragging myself to a doctor’s office 45 minutes away just wasn’t going to happen.  🙂

Okay, pathetic excuse, but I’m sticking with it.

Other than that, time is still going at lightening speed.  It has officially become an Olympic sport to get dressed, walk, eat, or talk.  I am also Full On Waddle now!  Yeah…I walk like a duck.  Haha

Oh! And having energy…what’s energy?  I forget what it feels like.  

I am happy to say that Scout is officially sleeping through the night which has given me more rest.  yay!  Only took 7 months. *sarcasm*

are the answers to the most common questions I receive about my
pregnancy.  I will re-post them at the end of every update, just in case
it’s your first time checking in or if you forgot and want to know. :o)


When are you due?

Friday, April 20, 2012

 What are you having, boy/girl?
We are having a GIRL! Yay!

Where are you having the baby?

using a midwife at a birthing center in Denton, TX.  I haven’t decided
yet if I want to give birth there at the center or in the hospital. 
I’m leaning with hospital; considering my experiences with my other

Are you exhausted?

Extremely!  I’m so busy and tired that I just want to scream sometimes, lol! : )

Any names, yet?
Yes! We haven’t fully decided, but I think we are sticking with Rori Lucille. 

Target Coupon Steals & Deals

I’ve pretty much retired my coupon shopping, mainly because my local grocery store stopped doubling and tripling coupons; however, that doesn’t mean that there is not SOME deals out there, and you could definitely pick up these extras while you’re out and about.  I like Target because you can use store & manufacturer coupons on one item.  Target usually offers deals that you can double up on coupons with AND the store will give you a store gift card on top of it to use on your next visit.  

Today I was bored and decided I would take a handful of coupons to the Target store to see what I could find.  I haven’t bought a newspaper in months, so the coupons I had were all printable.  I could have scored more if I had gone to a Super Target, but I stuck with with regular ole Tar-Jay in order to beat the crowds.

Here is what I bought:

My total cost for this was $9.83 before taxes.  After taxes it was $10.49

3 Hunt’s canned tomatoes/ Sale price .99 cents ec.
-$1/3 Target printable coupon + -$1/3 printable MQ coupon 
I paid .32 cents each for these

Skinny Cow Snacks/ Retail price $3.99 ec
-$3/2 Target Printable Coupon + Buy One Get one free MQ coupon 
I paid .49 cents for each box

Lays Stax potato Chips/ Sale price $1
I paid $1

The Kitchen Essentials Tools/ Sale price $2.79 ec.
Buy Two Get One Free Target coupon
I paid $5.58 for three

Carter’s Baby Thermal PJ’s/ Sale Price $2.38  ****This was a steal.  This retailed at $7.99!****
-20% Target Coupon off of Just One Carter’s
I paid $1.91

Because I brought my own reusable bags, I saved another .10 cents

AND Because I used my Target Red Card (which is still my debit card) I saved an additional .52 cents!

MY TOTAL SAVINGS WAS: $13.09  which I believe is close to 60% savings.  Not too bad.
If you go to a Super Tar-Jay, then you can score dryer sheets for .61 cents too.

Please Tell Me Your Kids Do This Too!

My son decided he was going to be a wise guy when I asked him to bring my camera inside. (I had left it on the stroller)

Instead of just handing it to me at the door, he tries to play keep away & ends up dropping it between the grate & screen of the door!

Yep… I acted like most moms would and told him he “better figure a way to get it out or it’s your hiney!”

Though inside, I was totally laughing!

He got to work fast…
First, he tried using twigs.

But, he got those stuck in there as well.

Next, he tried using his sword.

But that wasn’t cutting it either, so he decided a shorter metal pole would do the trick!

I couldn’t help myself, I was just laughing aloud by this point.

Now he has a camera, twigs, and a metal pole stuck in my screen door and he can’t figure out how to get any of them out.

Got all that?  Good.  Moving on.

Determined at this point, he leaves to go find something else and comes back with a dog leash!  After sticking it through the grate, he quickly realized that didn’t work either!  So he tried using his sword again, but ended up getting that stuck, too! hahahahahahahaha! 

Poor kid, at least he tried.  
1. Camera 2. Twigs 3. Metal pole 4. Dog leash 5. Sword

By this point, we were hungry, so we gave up for a while.  LOL!
No worries though.  He eventually got everything out by using two larger sticks.  Go Figure!!

I Blame My Uncle Kevin

I blame my Uncle Kevin for the events of yesterday, hence the title. 

But how could someone blame sweet, Kevin?!? You ask. 
It’s because he jinxed me the night before by asking if I had any mishaps/stories happen recently!  He is mainly referring to the skunk and mouse debacle.  I replied, that there has been things but nothing major.  (I should tell you guy’s about xmas! Geez Louise)
But wouldn’t you know it…I’m eating those very words.  This isn’t a gut buster story, but who else does this crap happen, to? 
So let’s begin.
It’s dark outside and around 6am.  The alarm is about to go off in 15 mins. 
But low and behold, I wouldn’t need that alarm clock.  Green Acres had a different idea.
There I am sleeping soundly, happened to be the first night my 7 month old actually slept through the night.  Anyway, I ‘m sleeping soundly when I am startled out of my slumber by something going “HEEEEEE HAAAAWWW!  HEEE HAAW, HEE HAA!” extremely loud!  I could have swore it was outside of our bedroom window.
What in the ‘tarnation!?! 
I’m serious folks.  It scared the pee out of me.  I sat up and tried looking out the window, but of course it’s dark. So, I settle back into bed, and before I could even shut my eyes, I hear it again.  
Okay that’s it. 
“Bubba! There’s a donkey on our porch!” 
“No there’s not.  They’re just by the gate and it sounds like it.” 
Uhhh…no.  I don’t think, so.  It is on the porch.
Yes…our family has donkey’s.  And in case you weren’t aware of it, nearly my whole family lives down the street.
I call the donkey’s: Pest #1 and Pest#2.  I’m not a fan of these wise guy’s and I think they are out to get me.
Wouldn’t you know it, we get a phone call a few hours later from my Uncle Brian letting us know that there was Donkey running loose in our yard.  Geesh!!
Now I’ve heard of waking up to a rooster crowing, but waking up to a donkey’s hee haw is a first for me.  
There’s just some things you gotta laugh it off! 

BUT…In the end, I got to say “I told ya, so.” to the hubs. 😉

Baby Name Spelling Poll

Bubba and I have been sticking with the name Rory. Rori. Ruari, for our baby girl, coming this April.  However, we are stuck on how we should spell it.  (Roar-ee)
I would like to have your opinions in this.  Just click on the spelling that you like best in the poll that I set up above the blog posting.  You can vote as many times as you want, even on multiple spellings, whenever you want, and it is open until January 24.  

Thanks guy’s; we appreciate it! 🙂

Week 4 Iphone Pics

You guys will have to excuse this photo dump.  I got carried away with taking photos. 🙂

Nathan and his friend Carter setup a hot coco stand to make some extra cash.  It worked! 

Left: This is my attempt at keeping my new year’s resolutions.  The two on the right were my date night since Bubba lives at work these days.  I had to prop my swollen feet up that night…looong day & Dreyer’s made it all better. 🙂

Blowing up soap in the microwave!

Homemade Heating Pad

I’m not gonna lie, this pregnancy has been killing my back over the last week.  Since Bubba can’t just walk around with me all day while rubbing my back, I decided that maybe some heat therapy would help.  

But, I am also a cheapskate and there was no way I was going to waste my gas driving twenty miles to the nearest store and then pay twenty bucks for a small heating pad when I already feel crummy.  

So I made my own.  Here is the tutorial on how I made mine.  It isn’t exactly pretty, but it sure as heck works!  This only took me 35 minutes to make! 

Who Comes Home With This?

Like most days, my son comes home from school, says a few words to me and then bolts down to the dried-up creek to play with his friend, Carter. 

Fast forward a couple hours later and I hear a door slam, “MOM! Guess what I got!?!”

Now… this creek was also my playground growing up, so I know that you can find different things that maybe people leave behind.  Naturally, different things crossed my mind: an old bottle, interesting rock, turtle, etc.  
Yeah…Not. Even. Close.

I hear him making his way down the hallway towards the computer room where I was, so I peeked around the corner to see what he was dragging around.

There’s not really any words to describe what I saw, but it was definitely funny.

So I took a picture for my dedicated readers.

Need a double take on that?  Here you go…
 Now whose kid goes wandering around and then comes with a life size Spiderman pinata?  Mine, that’s who! I wouldn’t have it any other way either.  It gave me a good laugh.

I thought I would extend my laughter and set it on our couch so when Bubba came home from work and flipped on the lights, he would get a good surprise.  

Did it work, you ask?  Bwahahahahahahahaha! Yes. It. Did.  I think he had to change his underpants.  lol j/k

However, karma came and got me.  (This picture was taken the next morning)  I had forgotten about my little prank so when I rounded the corner to the living room the next morning, my heart leaped into my throat and I jumped back like a spider had just landed on me.  lol.  **Sigh…Karma…You got me.**